More GoodByes: Yahoo Removes Prices from Estimator Tool

 December 20, 2006

By  Dr. PPC

One of the best features in all of Yahoo Search Marketing was the keyword selector tool. It allowed us to get variations of words and phrases and would also provide us with data on these words. We were able to see monthly search volume, estimated CPC and the best part, the top bid for the #1 position. Well, that is no more. Yahoo’s recent change to a less transparent pricing strategy has taken this little gem away from us. While we are still given the search volume, they no longer give us the bid prices up front. If you use the tool like it is meant to be, eventually you will get to the end and will be given a estimated range for the words. Nice, but not nearly as handy as the bid price for words. First we lose our bulk sheet link in adwords, now this! These guys are just trying to make our job harder aren’t they?


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