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What Is Yahoo Conversion Counter

 July 18, 2006

By  Dr. PPC

The PPC world is full of tools and applications that some people may not know how to take advantage of because they either don’t understand them or don’t really know what they do.

The Yahoo Conversion Counter is one of those tools. I am a big proponent of keyword level tracking in order to help effectively manage a campaign and the Yahoo Conversion Counter can help you do that.

While the Conversion Counter is not the end all be all for stats it is useful for, guess what, counting conversions! This tool has one purpose and it is to tell you which words in your Yahoo Search Marketing account are converting for you. The YCC also helps track a few stats associated with conversions including count, rate and cost-per-conversion.

Its a simple tool that is easy to use. By no means is it a full stats package but it can help Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers monitor keyword conversion performance.

For more on the Yahoo Conversion Counter visit thise links:
Yahoo FAQ and Conversion Counter Home


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