Either I’m Incredibly Sexy or Facebook has a Problem

 February 18, 2008

By  Dr. PPC

I guess it was only a matter of time if you have a userbase of 49 million. You’re bound to be a target of some form in this cruel internet world. First it was terriorists using Facebook as a recruiting tool, now I’m being bombarded with Facebook spam! Its either spam or the sexiness that oozes out of my Facebook profile has finally been noticed.
Facebook Spam
Maybe its just my sexiness, after all I’ve had this same problem with my MySpace account being the subject of many scantily clad “friend requests” and pretty girls wanting me to look at their pictures. I guess this is a new 21st century courting ritual, females go after sexy men via their social media profiles. I can dig it.

I guess I’m the only one who has this problem, so I’ll have to tone down my social networking sex appeal.


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  • And here I thought that random webcam attention whores and porn bots were limited to Myspace. Facebook is now infected 🙁

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