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Yahoo Search Marketing's Panama Interface

 January 17, 2007

By  Dr. PPC

I have been putting off diving into the new Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) for a while now, mainly because my clients rank well in Yahoo. But mostly because I fear change. I have been working with the YSM console for over 3 years now and have become pretty familiar with the clunky interface and like any old dog that hangs around long enough you learn to love’em. Sure she shed, was unreliable and slow when fetching but I loved her transparency. I bid where I wanted to appear. There were no quality scores or unknown variables, just a straight, bid-to-position model. Oh how I miss those days.

Recently, I’ve started toying around with the pseudo-new Yahoo! interface and I feel like a blind man without my guide-dog. There are certain aspects I really can see myself liking and I can see how it would be extremely easy for a new person who has never started had a paid search account, in fact much easier than Google’s Adwords Starter Edition. But there are some aspects that leave me asking WTF were they thinking?

Now I could be completely wrong and just not have discovered the right answer but doing things like attempting to delete multiple campaigns at once is impossible. Instead I have to go into each campaign and manually deleted them one by one? Thats ridiculous. Also forcing an advanced user to walk through the 8+ steps needed to create a campaign is kind of annoying.

Needless to say, I will continue banging around and posting my thoughts and hopefully I’ll uncover a useful piece of info or two or at least find a new man’s best friend.


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