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Interview with Yahoo Search Marketing's John Slade of the Panama Team

 December 18, 2006

By  Dr. PPC

TopRankBlog has a good interview with the Senior Director of Yahoo Search Marketing, regarding the changes involved in the new platform dubbed Panama.

He covers topics such as the differences between Panama and Adwords, new campaign features, and the revamped signup process.

here is a little excerpt:

TRB: What can you do now to run a campaign that you couldn?t before?

Slade: With the new platform, advertisers will have access to many new capabilities for managing their campaigns.

  • * Geo-Targeting ? Enables advertisers to display their ads broadly or to narrow their distribution down to specific metropolitan areas, allowing them to better target their customers, customize their ads and control their costs.
  • * Ad Testing ? Allows advertisers to easily test multiple versions of their ads to determine the message that works best for their customers. They can also choose to let our systems automatically optimize serving to the ad that performs best on click-through rate.
  • * Goal-Based Campaign Optimization ? If an advertiser has business metrics they?re trying to hit, such as a CPA, ROI or ROAS goal, our systems can automatically adjust their ad rotation and bids to help them meet those goals.
  • * Campaign Budgeting and Scheduling ? Allows advertisers to create, budget and schedule individual advertising campaigns for greater control over their advertising strategy and spending. Advertisers also have the option to place an account and/ or campaign daily spending limit to increase budget control.

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