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Paid Search Tools

 December 21, 2006

By  Dr. PPC

With all the changes coming to the Search Engine systems and their tools, I’m starting a list of Tools that PPC people and other paid search managers find useful, since we can’t rely on the engines anymore.

Yesterday I talked about the Yahoo Keyword Selector changes and Paul commented that we can still see bid prices with this tool http://uv.bidtool.overture.com/d/search/tools/bidtool/
While it still has the bid prices, its not as helpful as the original keyword tool for research purposes and I’m sure its only a matter of time before its nixed as well.

Owner of thePPC Keyword Tool happens to be one of the 2 people that comments on this blog so I thought I could give him a plug. I checked out his tool and it is pretty useful for configuring variations of keywords. A friend of mine, pointed me to an alternative tool that does the same thing here.

AdLabs – MSN gave us adLabs with a plethora of cool tools that seem to be ever advancing, and with more data they will be really helpful. I like the Search Funnel and the Forecasting Search Volume Seasonality but there are other useful tools as well.

If you have any others to add to this list, please let us know by leaving them in the comments and I will update this list as we get more.


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