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MSN Corrects Conversion Tracking Issue

 July 18, 2006

By  Dr. PPC

For those of you who use MSN’s Convertion Tracking you may or may not have notice there was an error occuring because of a system error. adCenter has fixed the problem and things seem to be going smoothly right now.

here is the email from MSN

What caused the conversion tracking error?
The error occurred because of our recent update of the adCenter URL from https://adcenter.msn.com to https://adcenter.microsoft.com. Although we have implemented a URL redirect, we recommend that you ensure that your conversion tracking is enabled properly by doing the following:

1. Sign in to https://adcenter.microsoft.com.
2. On the Campaigns tab, in the Campaign column, click an existing campaign for which you have conversion tracking enabled.
3. On the Select an order page, in the Order name column, click an order.
4. Click the Order Settings tab.
5. If the Enable conversion tracking check box is not already selected, select it.
6. In the conversion tracking code snippet window, click Copy Code.
This will temporarily copy the revised https://adcenter.microsoft.com code snippet to your computer clipboard.
7. Re-paste the code snippet within the HTML of the Web pages you want to track.
You can paste the code snippet anywhere between the HTML body tags. We recommend placing the code toward the bottom right of the page so it does not detract from your page design.
8. Repeat steps 1-7 for any other orders that have conversion tracking enabled.

Will my reporting be affected?
Please note that, because of the error, your conversion tracking numbers are reported as zeros for July 8?14. This report does not mean that you received zero conversions, only that the conversions were not tracked.
We value your business, and we apologize for any inconvenience the error may have caused. If you have any specific questions, please contact adCenter Support.
Microsoft adCenter Team


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