Off Topic: Is GMAIL Letting Through Tons of Spam For You too?

 February 29, 2008

By  Dr. PPC

I have no idea what is going on lately, and I have confirmed that my friends are experiencing the same problems, but Gmail is letting through tons of spam. gmail-spamIts not like its sneaky spam, its the obvious stuff that any spam filter should catch (Viagra, Cialis, Penis Enlargment, discount software). Most of it is slipping through on my Google Apps accounts, but my @gmail.com address is receiving some spam as well. I’m getting between 5-20 spam messages that don’t get filtered out per day and its annoying.

Hopefully Google will check them selves before I have to switch to *gasp* Hotmail!

Anyone else noticing an increased amount of spam in their Gmail / Google Apps account?


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  • I have been noticing the same thing and it sucks! My big romance with Google was that it was smart enough to actually help me through my day. Now it is taking time from my day! It is only a few seconds/minutes, but there are principalities involved here!

  • Yup, I have noticed this too. It has been maybe only 5 messages over the last few weeks, but before this I have seen ZERO spam in my inbox for a couple of years. I wonder what’s up.

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