Google Wave Invites For All

 November 22, 2009

By  Dr. PPC

If you’re interested in a Google Wave invite, leave me a message why you think PPC Lab is the bomb and I’ll send one your way. Ok you don’t have to lie, you can just tell me why you deserve a Google Wave invite. I’ve got a “whole mess” of them to give out.


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  • Hey Evan, I would appreciate an invite for Wave. Thanks a lot. My email is (at)gmail.com (removed for ya)

  • I’ve been looking for invites for years, only leeto ppc lab can have it.
    Not only you are rocking my ppc world you’ll be rockin’ my google as well…

  • Evan, I’d appreciate a Wave invite. My email address is jondrover (at) gmail dot com. What can I do for you?


  • I think I deserve a Wave invite because I just sat through an entire episode of the hills and didn’t die.

    PPC LAB is da bomb for shizz!!!


    pretty please??

  • HEy EVAN,
    I like an invitation of Wave from you, plz invite me.
    My id is n i y a s 0 7 @ g m a i l . c o m

  • hey Evan would really appreciate if you could send an invite my way…thanks in advance and google wave m/….my email is coolshubham [at] gmail.com

  • This is what I wrote to Google when I requested for an account. Didn’t work though.

    Like the rough Waves settle to the calmness of a shore,
    So do our lives hasten to their cycle’s end.
    But bless me with a surfboard team,
    And help me ride the wave at the prime of my dream

    Jokes apart, just have a fad for new developments in the digital world. I work as a Web Analytics Program Manager for an online store and need to keep abreast all this.

  • Thanks man appreciate an invite, not sure why I deserve it apart from always willing to try new technologies in an effort to help make the web a better experience.


    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • I’d love an invite Evan, if you still have some? And I think I deserve one because today is monday and I need a wakeup πŸ˜‰

  • PPCLab provides bleeding edge internet marketing information for a thirsty audience. Want to know how to use Twitter in SEO efforts? How about the 7 deadly sins of landing page design? Always interesting info, often with an entertaining twist!

    (How’s that? – I’m obviously a fan!)

  • Hi Evan,

    I am very interested in using checking out Google Wave, particularly to work collaboratively/remotely on coral reef conservation issues between governments and universities from far flug locations. Would really like to get the hang of it so that I can be ready when it goes public!

    Many Thanks!

  • haha awesome responses. First batch of invites has been sent. I’ll keep them flowing but they can take up to 36hrs to receive so be patient..

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