Google Pulls Search Within SERP, Sort Of

 March 24, 2008

By  Dr. PPC

Last week I posted about Google embedding search boxes within search results pages and the issues it could cause by being poorly targeted ads not to mention the ability to bid on competitors SERPs.

Well the NYTimes story today quotes a good spokeswoman as saying that the company has removed the site search box from the SERPs from a couple of unnamed companies.

According to a Google spokeswoman, the company has honored such requests from “a couple” of unnamed businesses. These companies, however, may not be able to reverse their decisions.

While this is good from a site owners perspective, at least those who feel they are negatively impacted by the search box, it does nothing to help us advertisers from being able to prevent our ads from showing or from preventing our competition from showing their ads. We will keep a close eye on how this story continues to develop but for now you can read more on the story at SEJ and WebMasterWorld


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