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Google Just Re-evaluated Quality Scores

 January 22, 2008

By  Dr. PPC

Some of you maybe seeing higher MIn CPCs lately well an Adwords Rep has confirmed Google did a re-evaluation of Keyword Quality Scores across the board. Google is always re-evaluating quality scores on a keyword by keyword basis, but every once in a while they change the algo and re-evaluate all keywords. The ones that have low performance across the system, and also low performance across the respective account, are usually affected the most.

What to do:
Run a Google keyword report (for a few days time frame) and then sort by Min CPC. For any keywords that have $10 or $5 dollar min
CPC, you can try isolating them in there own ad group and writing ad copy (without Dynamic Keyword Insertion) that uses that keyword multiple times (once in the title and as many times in the ad copy as possible, and maybe at the end of the display URL as well). The Rep couldn’t guarantee that this would improve the Quality score (and in turn lower the Min CPC), but it’s your best shot.


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  • If you have access to the site code, you can also try including the troubled keyword(s) on the landing page a couple times, as well as in the landing page title/description meta tags.

    I have found that bidding on keywords that you have on the landing page gives your quality score a big boost, and your min CPC drops like a rock.

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