Content Network, Sm-ontent Network!

 March 20, 2007

By  Dr. PPC

Some people have claimed that my complete loathing for the content networks is unjustified, well here is my justification or at least some of it.

Yahoo’s most recent study claims that 3 out of 4 Blogger URLS are spam blogs!

Anyone brave enough to type “cheap tickets” in a search engine can find a plethora of one-page Web sites designed to drive traffic to other Web sites and generate click-through advertising revenue.

Three out of every four unique Blogspot.com URLs that appeared in the top 50 results for commercial queries were spam, the study said. Blogspot is the hosting site for Google’s blogging service. Blogs created for marketing purposes are sometimes referred to as “splogs.”

*if your interested here is a WebMasterWorld thread with a whole bunch more people who share my feelings for SPLOGS. In protest of blogger, I even moved my personal blog (Evan Roberts) to WordPress!.


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