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Google Finally Pays Up

 November 2, 2006

By  Dr. PPC

Reports are going around that people are finally receiving their checks from the click fraud settlement a few months back. There is a webmasterworld thread about it here but for the lazy folks, here is what people are saying

” Got my $6.45 wohhooo! headed to McDonalds for a Big Mac on google. “

” After spending $480,000 over 3 1/2 years I see a $280 credit in my account for Oct 20.

You have got to be FRIEKING KIDDING me.”

“I’ve spent $188,000 this year alone, and my payout is only $30. This is a joke. I bet I’ve had more click fraud than that in on hour. “

“Got my G award today, $300… Spent in 3 years $326,000. Go, figure! “

” Yuppers, got my $97 credit this morning on $180,000 spent during the period the suit applied to.”

“I got back 0.1% of my total spend during the relevant period. Some estimates of click fraud are as high 20% and even the most conservative estimate would be around 5%. But 0.1% is an absolute joke.”

ok enough you get the point. If you expected a financial windfall from Google, you better think twice, and hope for enough to get a happy meal!


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