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Hacked Through Google Adwords and IE7

 April 26, 2007

By  Dr. PPC

Exploit Prevention Labs has uncovered a nasty nasty little scheme to steal your bank information via Google Adwords and IE7.

Essentially what is happening is the hacker (proper term in this case is phisher) is bidding on terms such as “BetterBusinessBureau” or “Modern cars airbags required” and presenting what appears to be the BBB.or or Cars.com. After the searcher clicks on the ad, they are redirected through the URL smarttrack.org which then tries to install some spyware using an exploit in IE7.

The installed spyware then digs through your browser for information to report back to the hacker. The hackers are specifically targeting information for 100 different banks worldwide.

This is a very dangerous exploit and although Google has already taken down the account, I am concerned that they did not catch this redirect before it went active. This is just one of many reasons to keep your system patched with the latest updates, or even better, switch to FireFox!

Read More at Exploit Labs


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