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Google Saving Bandwidth?

 July 16, 2006

By  Dr. PPC

bandwidth issues.” Let’s just give Google the beneifit of the dougt for a second this is a legitimate reason, I still have beef with them. First off, why not tell us certain words do not qualify and will not be served? We all know they like to keep webmasters and marketers guessing, but this borders on satanical. And secondly, if these words are super low in search volume, why not let them be shown? Especially in my case where the words is super relevant and extremely targeted to a particular area, it would make sense to me to serve it. I thought that was the whole point of the Quality Score, to insure relevant ads are shown. It seems to be that Google needs to either increase their bandwidth (after all I am trying to make them money) or update their excuse roledex! I can’t be the only one who gets answers from their Adwords rep that seem to be less then genuine or at the least odd, can I? ]]>


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