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Google Increasing Adwords Reporting, Getting More Transparent?

 June 16, 2007

By  Dr. PPC

Barry of SERoundtable is reporting that Google is going to increase the data advertisers are able to see in relation to their ad performance on the content network.

An Adwords Rep posted this on the SEW forums:

Since our network is comprised of hundreds of thousands of sites and millions of pages, information reported in the Placement Performance report consists of vast amounts of data. To provide this information in a scalable way to all our advertisers as soon as possible with the full launch in June, we are providing reporting for certain segments of our network in a consolidated way.

This includes sites that are participating in our AdSense for domains and AdSense for error pages programs. We realize that advertisers would like to see site-by-site metrics for all segments of the content network to be able to effectively optimize their campaigns. For this reason, we are working on ways of providing this information on a site-by-site basis as soon as possible.

This means that advertisers will be able to see how your ads are performing on portions of the content network such as Gmail ads.

While the type and amount of information that we will be giving is only pure speculation, this is definitely a step in the right direction to make the content network a little less craptacular. Even as the content network’s #1 enemy, this news is extremely interesting. I think the truth will finally come out about the quality of traffic driven from the content network, especially Google’s own network which we have limited control over.

With Google becoming more transparent and actually helping advertisers these days, would it be greedy of me to ask for the same type of reporting from the Google SEARCH Network?!?


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