Google Adwords Launches New Beta Interface.

 February 11, 2009

By  Dr. PPC

If you log into your adwords account today you may receive a pop-up alerting you that a new ‘Beta Interface’ is available. If you don’t have the notification look to the upper right hand corner for a ‘Beta Interface’ link and it may be there for you.picture-27.

You can see the interface in the screen shot which looks like a mutation of Google Adwords and Google Analytics. This is a much needed improvement in usability and efficiency. I love the ease in which you can navigate through the campaigns and ad groups, the graph and the expanded view. adwords beta interface


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  • This is a pretty cool tool hey?

    I have been playing around with it. My thought is this, don’t bother buying a keyword tool, such as keyword elite or keyword analyser. Google (and others) have put out plenty of great free tools.

    I do most of my research using the Google tools and this tool has soooo much potential for further understanding prospective markets.


    Jeromy (AKA Hillbilly)

  • I only just swapped my old interface for the new one. It seems very cool with many new features. I can’t wait to take it out on a cruise :-). @Jerome, now that you mentioned, I think it’s true that Google has made all the research tools available to us for free. But with that said, there’ll always be those people who’ll either rather pay for one or don’t know they could get the free ones…


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