Adwords Editor Update Ver. 2.5

 December 6, 2006

By  Dr. PPC

If you use the Adwords Editor as much as I do, you’ll be happy to know they have released an upgrade to version 2.5. Open up your AE and the update should be triggered automatically.

According to the AE blog:

Version 2.5

New features:

* Tools for bulk deletion: From the Data Menu, choose Delete Multiple Keywords, Delete Multiple Text Ads, or Delete Multiple Campaign Negatives.
* Contextual help text: Point your mouse at a toolbar button to see a description and the keyboard shortcut.
* Zoom control: Enlarge the text in the data view using the zoom control.
* Export to HTML: From the File Menu, select ‘Export to HTML.’
* More keyboard shortcuts: Use keystrokes to navigate between tabs. Ctrl+1 for Keywords, Ctrl+2 for Text Ads, etc.
* Easier navigation: Double-click on items in the data view to navigate through your account.
* Display account description: View your account description, company name, or login email address in the Open Account dialog.
* Destination URL updates: AdWords Editor automatically adds http:// to your Destination URL if you don’t manually enter it.
* Faster edits: In previous versions of AdWords Editor, posting certain types of edits (for example, changing the match type of many keywords in an Ad Group) proceeded very slowly. This is now improved, so these edits should now post much more quickly.

Updated features:

* Replace Text link on Keywords and Negative Keywords tabs: This feature was previously available only through the Edit Menu and the Text Ads tab.
* Keyword Grouper: Manually edit the list of words to group by. Automatically generate the list of terms and make changes, or enter the words from scratch.
* Content bids: Add or edit content bids in the Add/Update Multiple Ad Groups tool.

All nice and dandy but when are they going to allow us to edit and upload a bulk spreadsheet?


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