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YeeHaw! Adwords Editor Version 3 is Available

 February 26, 2007

By  Dr. PPC

My favorite tool that I reported as being broken last week is fixed and upgraded with a vengence!

Before I go into the new features heed this warning: Make sure you Upload all your pending changes before you upgrade!! (IE. All pending changes will be lost during the upgrade process since AE re-downloads all your data.)

SERoundtable reports some new features:

  • * Site targeting: AdWords Editor now provides full support for site-targeted campaigns.
  • * Negative sites: Add or edit negative sites for keyword- and site-targeted campaigns.
  • * Edit while you wait: If you manage multiple accounts with AdWords Editor, edit another account while your changes post.
  • * Count your selection: The status bar now displays the number of rows you’ve selected in the data view.
  • * Pause or resume ads, keywords, and sites: Use the Status menu in the edit panel to change the status of selected items.

And these “upload features”:

  • * Export to HTML: Your HTML export will show or hide deleted campaigns, depending on how you’ve configured your preferences. The HTML export is ideal for showing your account to someone who doesn’t use AdWords Editor.
  • * Export to CSV: In addition to account, campaign, and ad group snapshots, you can now export custom views. The CSV export is ideal for spreadsheets or other applications that can read structured data files.
  • * Paste to multiple ad groups: Select multiple destination ad groups via the Edit menu > Paste Special.

Any other features you notice or would like to request?



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