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Google Reads PPClab, and You Should Too.

 May 22, 2007

By  Dr. PPC

Maybe they should put me in charge of Google, well at least their Content Network department. Last year I went on a little rant regarding the poor quality of Google’s Content network and the fact that Google loves splogs and a year later Google announces plans to clean up their Content Network by starting to shut down Made-for-Adsense (MFA) sites. A step in the right direction for sure but by no means the purification of the content network.

I applaud Google for finally taking an action rather then completely and consistently turning a blind eye to it all but they still have a ways to go. There are tons and tons of extremely low quality sites out there that are not participating in Adwords Arbitrage but are too poor in quality for me to ever put my ads on but they continue to display Adsense ads.

So go ahead and put me in charge of the Content Network division and I’ll show you how to really clean it up. Now if I could only get my dogs to listen to me like this!


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