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SES NY Coverage: Ads and Quality Score

 April 10, 2007

By  Dr. PPC

Unfortunately, I am not at SES NYC this year but with all the great coverage done by the blogosphere, I’ll probably read and absorb more than I would from being there. I digress, I will hopefully be able to grab all the relevant paid search coverage and post it here. If time permits, I’ll try to add my thoughts as well.

The first session on Ads and Quality Score was covered in great detail by Barry on SERoundtable.com (Actually it turns out to be Lisa from Bruce Clay, guest posting.) Irregardless of who posted it, there is some good info on it Ads and the effect the Quality Score can have on your keyword buys. There is a good discussion on the panelists thought on quality score and how to manage it, but in particular the commentary from Jonathan Menedez was particularly interesting to me.

While you can no doubt spend hours upon hours analyzing data in hopes to cracking the quality score beast, but Menedez puts it best. He says:

Jonathan warns audience members about being too concerned with their score. … If you concentrate your efforts on delivering relevancy through your keywords and your ad, your quality will improve and so will your results.

This is confirmed by Nick Fox from Google who was also on the panel and says

Google is trying to do with their quality algorithms. Don?t worry about quality score, just focus on relevance and everything else will follow.

Lisa reports

Nick assures readers that it?s the users who are defining quality. Click through rate is a great metric to see if users are demonstrating interest. Google is trying to capture the essence of what users are telling them about relevance and then incorporate that into the algorithm.

. While CTR is definitely a good metric, it is also important to track your exit rate in conjunction with CTR to make sure you aren’t attracting low quality traffic.

For more coverage visit Lisa’s post on SERoundtable.


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