Major Google Organic Keyword change coming

Been a while since i (@evankrob) blogged but Phil Mui (@philmui), Vp of Google Analytics just tweeted a MAJOR announcement regarding Google’s organic search.

Phil announced that all google searches will be redirected to SSL for users who are logged in to their Google accounts. Link to tweet

While this is good news on the user privacy front, he also reported that Google Analytics will no longer receive query data and keywords from organic searches will be reported as “not provided.” Link to Tweet This is a major change and will rock the search marketing world in my opinion. With the number or gmail and google account users out there and growing, SEOs are about to stop getting a huge chunk of data.

This brings up a lot of questions and based on Phil’s response to me it seems this is being done for user-privacy reasons although I think we don’t have the full picture. If GA only reports user data as an aggregate then where is the privacy concern? Will they continue reporting Adwords data? Where is the concern there. Unless we are about to see user level data in GA I’m really confused by this move from Google. I’m hoping I can get a more detailed response from Phil soon.

Do you all see something I’m missing?

How Not to Write Your Ads

SERoundtable had a poll this morning that I thought was interesting, its a ‘What is your highest CTR’? poll. Just about anyone who runs any kind of paid search account would tell you this is such an arbitrary question it can’t possibly be accurate. Account Level? Campaign level? Keyword level? Ad Level? I have a 90% CTR on a keyword for the month of January ’08, do i win? Sure its a branded word but no one said that didn’t count!

Anyway, as I was checking out one of my clients high performing ads, i happened across a semi-competitor’s ad and nearly spit out my drink from laughter.

This is a classic example of how to NOT write your PPC ads:

Keep Adwords Ads from Showing in Gmail

I’ll be honest, I don’t use the content network that much or at all for a variety of reasons but I know there are the select few who it does work for. If you are one of those few and would like to keep your ads from showing up in people’s email, Barry at SERoundTable <a href=””>points out</a> how to use Google’s Site Exclusion tool to add ‘’ to the list of excluded sites.

While this is a good work around, it would be really fantastic if Google actually allowed this type of control in advertisers accounts, rather than forcing any content network users into networks like