The Browser Battle has gone Racial

I thought things would be different.  Our first black President is supposed to help us move past racial barriers not build up walls around our http-requests.  Apparently, the folks over at Black Bird Browser didn’t get the memo and have released a browser specifically for the African American community.  No, I’m not joking.

Blackbird is the web browser for the African American community.  Blackbird was developed by a team of African Americans to allow you to connect to what’s going on in the African American community.

As it appears to be a rebranded version of Firefox, the browser’s site states that it contains
“Black Search, Black News Ticker, Black Bookmarks, Blackbird TV..” as some of its African American focused features.

The racial browser wars don’t stop there as I have also stumbled upon White Bird Browser

White Bird is the web browser for the White American Community. White Bird was developed by a team of white people and is in no way related to the Blackbird project.

It’s obvious that the creator of Whitebird took quite offense to the Blackbird project and wanted to make a point. As I spent time investigating each site, i noticed something interesting. The Black bird browser was only available on Windows platforms, whereas, as if by design, the white bird browser was available on multiple, including windows and mac. Perhaps white people use both.

I will close with one final thought on this debacle, both are a proud people and seek to advance their own well being, at whatever the cost. Perhaps in this case, while the browsers are free, it is their dignity that was sold.